Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon


Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon

Up to 45% of the world’s population suffer from health problems caused by sleep disorders and loss of quality of life.1

Already a few nights of sleep lead to dull skin and fine wrinkles. Permanent lack of sleep, however, can even cause a lot of health problems, such as hypertension, diabetes, etc.

The new Sound Sleep Cocoon cream gel by Dermalogica offers a good approach. Its active ingredients transform the skin overnight, optimize the nocturnal regeneration of the skin and have a calming effect through movement-activated essential oils that promote a restful sleep.

Sleep is a far more active stage than many think. Body and mind are in a biological regeneration and repair mode, which does not occur while awake. The brain eliminates metabolic products such as amyloid-beta (a peptide linked to Alzheimer’s disease) 3, increases the production of protective brain cells called oligodendrocytes4 and stores memories for improved problem-solving and increased creativity.

The skin follows similar regeneration processes. At night, sleep-promoting melatonin is produced, known for its antioxidant properties.

In addition, the level of the stress hormone cortisol decreases during sleep, thereby
protecting and recovering the skin from external damage.As we sleep, it also boosts collagen production, which helps alleviate fine wrinkles and increase the release of growth hormone, which in turn increases muscle mass and strengthens the skin.

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